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About Us

Last Mile4D is a non-profit based in Washington, DC that designs and implements education and training programs with a focus on the health and safety of women living in the most remote and underserved areas of the developing world known as the “Last Mile” communities. The name refers to communities disconnected from health infrastructure more readily available in less remote parts of the country. LM4D develops health and safety solutions for women and girls living in oppressive environments in the Last Mile. We tailor our approach to the needs of each community. The philosophy that guides and motivates us is that access to health and safety is a fundamental human right regardless of where a woman or girl lives.

Our mission

Our mission is to mobilize resources to ensure that women and girls everywhere and particularly in remote Last Mile communities have access to information about their rights to health and safety and their right to be free of gender-based violence.

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Our Projects

Our evidence-based work is documented in this brief with the International Center for Research on Women.
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Using technology to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM)

LM4D uses technology to connect women and girls in remote, Last Mile communities to address their lack of access to health and safety. The VPack, in tandem with the services of LM4D, combines technology with programs customized around the needs of participant communities. The programs center around gender-responsive education and deploy a solar powered backpack with a computer and information communication and documentation technology (ICT).
In Kenya, LM4D has used this bundling of technology and programming to help eradicate the brutal practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). With financial support from Grand Challenges Canada, in Kuria, Kenya – in collaboration with ChildsLife Kenya, and GOCESO Women Network – we used VPack technology and teaching to create awareness, training and outreach to at-risk women and girls. In our ongoing work, our trained field officers use these methods to identify girls at risk for being cut – FGM – from ten schools, record their findings and put intervention in place to rescue these girls. Our evidence-based work is documented in this brief with the International Center for Research on Women. Read more…
LM4D plans to scale up beyond this community and the thousand girls already targeted for intervention not to be cut. Your gift to LM4D will help us reach more girls and save them from the lifelong physical and emotional scars of Female Genital Mutilation.

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Supported by Grand Challenges Canada, LM4D used the Mobikit to address the right of HIV+ women and their babies to health, nutrition and economic opportunity. Our integrated technology solution of community engagement, population-responsive education combined with nutrition/urban gardens, and the use of Mobikit, in Kenya’s Kibera slum delivered health care to HIV+ women and their babies. LM4D works closely and collaboratively with the ChildsLife Kenya. We plan to help hundreds more, and if you are searching for thoughtful gifts for a loved one or planning a yearend donation, please consider making a gift today to Last Mile4D.

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Conferences, Trainings and Workshops

As a Platform for Development in Last Mile Communities
LastMile4D designs and delivers regional conferences, trainings, and workshops on public health issues impacting the right to health, and health and safety of women and girls. But LM4D’s secret-sauce is the action-planning that takes place at the conferences and workshops, and the follow up work that takes place after these events to ensure that action plans become actualized.

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LastMile4D supported the SEEP orphanage in Uganda with 280 students, the majority of them girls. As part of this we raised funds to build them a working latrine and showers to assure the girls hygiene, safety, privacy and dignity while attending school in this orphanage. LM4D also supported the graduation ceremony at the orphanage, which was an important milestone in light of the high performance of many of the students. LM4D has also started to fundraise to supply them with a VPack and empower them to connect to online courses that can be beneficial in landing a job.

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Impact Leaders in Kenya, Nigeria, and Nepal use VPack

LastMile4D is collaborating with World Pulse to empower Impact Leaders who live and work in remote areas. We provide access to knowledge and information using the VPack. The goal is to reach thousands of women who lack confidence to log on, rise up, and benefit from an online platform to share their stories. The secure online portal is designed for the Impact Leaders to easily access training materials and information, which helps them create a greater impact, expanding delivery of their work to more women across the world.