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Enabling Development from the Last Mile

Last Mile4D is an innovative non-profit that implements community-based programming for the most vulnerable populations on the planet. We focus on health, education, and economic empowerment through a mix of technology, renewable energy and information communication technology (ICT). Our mission is to mobilize resources to ensure that remote communities at the last mile get the health, education and economic empowerment services they deserve.

This project aims to improve health and well-being of HIV-positive women and girls using Mobikits

Our work using Mobikits in Kenya’s Kibera slum delivered health care to HIV-positive women and their babies. Grand Challenges Canada supported our collaborative effort with ChildsLife Kenya. We plan to help hundreds more, and if you are searching for thoughtful gifts for loved ones or planning a yearend donation to a great cause, please consider making a gift today to Last Mile4D.

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Voice Power Packs

A “V-Pack” is a backpack equipped with solar cells that power a high-definition camera and a tablet loaded with software running an information, communication technology (ICT) secure online portal/app for peer-to-peer dissemination of educational material. Last Mile4D is collaborating with World Pulse to empower their Impact Leaders, who live and work in the world's most remote areas to provide access to knowledge and information using the “V-Pack” to reach thousands of women who lack dependable sources of electricity. The secure online portal/app is designed for the Impact Leaders to easily access training materials and information to create a greater impact on the delivery of their work to women across the world.

Conferences, Trainings and Workshops

Last Mile4D designs, finds funding and delivers conferences, training, and workshops on regional public health issues within the global context. LM4D uses international and regional experts to devise a curriculum tailored for a regional context in relation to individual countries and their needs for these conferences. LM4D works with international and regional partners to address the regional needs in a variety of ways, from content support to financial collaboration to hosting and more.

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Philanthropic Opportunities

Make a tax-deductible difference.
UNICEF estimates that one out of every ten school-age African girls either skip school or drop out entirely because of lack of access to on-site sanitation. In Uganda, over 280 students attend SEEP an orphanage/school in the Iganga district of the country. While more than half of these students are girls ages 2 to 15, they are left without access to toilet/shower facilities.

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Social Innovation

Creating a public, private partnership in Uganda.
Last Mile4D work with Iganga District Farmers’ Association (IDFA), a 1,200 member affiliate group with over 36,000 members, to advance the Association and its affiliates’ business management, organizational capacity, governance and board leadership sparked a human-centered design project.

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Health Prevention combined with Economic Empowerment

The UN estimates 4.5 million Ethiopians will be in need of food assistance due to shortage of rain.
The tons of haricot beans stored in Meki are an excellent source of nutrients for malnourished populations of the region. Last Mile4D worked with community partners to design a sustainable business and marketing plan to promote the nutritional and health values of beans.

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