Health Prevention combined with Economic Empowerment Project

The UN estimates 4.5 million Ethiopians will be in need of food assistance due to shortage of rain.

The tons of haricot beans stored in Meki are an excellent source of nutrients for malnourished populations of the region. Last Mile4D worked with community partners to design a sustainable business and marketing plan to promote the nutritional and health values of beans. The plan included an instructional poster, a YouTube video on “how to prepare the beans” and a micro-grant (by Last Mile4D) enabling women’s participation in the launch of the first educational demonstration. The marketing material assists the local community in their sustainability goal to reach hundreds of women farmers in the region and beyond. Special thanks to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) –Uganda office Faremer2Farmer program, Catholic Charities of Meki and Bora Denbel Farmers’ Cooperative Union for their cooperation in the Last Mile4D’s delivery of the demonstration.

Focus of the demonstration:

  • Health and nutritional value of haricot beans (calcium, protein, etc.) for children’s growth
  • Economic opportunities for women farmers to prepare and market the cooked beans
  • Market and business expansion for the Bora Denbel Cooperative Union
  • Sustainable farming