Our work with our community partners is designed to provide access to healthcare delivery and information from the last mile in. Our work rests on the pillars of education, prevention and "in time" intervention. Our integrated health solution ties health education, nutrition, community health worker training, telemedicine and e-medical record keeping together to increase access to health and reduce health stresses in different communities.

Mobile Kit

-- (Mobikits) is a backpack that uses mobile solar generating and storage unit and is equipped with a wireless capable laptop, information, communication technology (ICT) platform to address a variety of integrated solutions.

Health Solution

-- Mobikits ties health information, service delivery, knowledge of diagnostic tests and telemedicine together to improve the population’s health, nutrition and prevention.

Last Mile4D

-- uses sustainable mobile solar technology to catalyze an integrated approach to health education, community health worker (CHW) training, and critical health diagnosis in remote areas, thereby improving the survivability and viability of the population.

Access to available and stable power

-- allows Last Mile4D to combine technology, service delivery and demand innovation in a way that directly addresses health with CHWs being able to conduct diagnostic tests, transmit data to doctors in nearby health facilities, and real time consultation with specialists.