Call for Application

Domestic violence (DV)

9 to 12 May 2018

A regional exchange among social workers and health providers from Iran, Georgia, and Tajikistan


There will be a four-day conference in Tbilisi, Georgia on domestic violence as a public health epidemic in the region, with particular focus on inviting Iranian, Georgian and Tajiki health and social service providers as well as NGOs working in the DV space. The purpose of this conference is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations that focus on Domestic Violence prevention and intervention in these three countries. The conference will highlight domestic violence health implications for women’s health, children and their communities, bring awareness to members of these societies, health providers and social workers. The conference is designed for practitioners, who work with or treat victims of DV and it will provide them with theoretical and practical approaches and processes that will increase public awareness and involvement in building advocacy skills in preventing and intervening in DV. These countries have cultural similarities and societal traditions, going back hundreds of years, viewing DV as a family matter. Because, Tajikistan and Georgia in recent years have postured to adopt laws effecting DV their progress could be helpful to the Iranian participants, particularly from rural and or low socio-economic communities, because of their cultural and similar societal norms. We are collaborating with the
O'Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law and IRC(Innovations and Reforms Center).

Conference content:

The content of the conference panel discussions and workshops will include: international laws on DV and its impact/or not on the constitutions of these countries, health implications of DV, physical or psychosocial, economics of DV, cultural barriers, prevention and intervention, policy and advocacy for victims of DV, governance and capacity building for the organizations, network building and collaboration, and philanthropy, fundraising and leadership of the organizations’ boards.

Conference expectations and outcomes:

The goal of the conference is to train the attendees to become strong leaders in their professional work and to strengthen the role and capacity of service providers in the region by training them on DV and DV prevention and creating a regional network of professionals to support each other in domestic violence space. The conference planners encourage primary care physicians, nurses, social workers, volunteers, managers of safehouses for victims of DV and leaders of DV NGOs to apply for this conference.


The conference will be in Tbilisi, Georgia in May 9 to May 12, 2018 and is open to Iranians, Georgians, and Tajiks. The cost of attending the conference that includes; international travel from these three countries, lodging, meals and planned travel within the city is covered by a NGO and in partnership with O’Neil Institute for Global Health Law, Georgetown Law Center, in Washington DC, and Innovation and Reform Center, in Georgia.

Prospective applicants:

  • • Must have professional or volunteer experience in the field of DV
  • • Must be in good community standing
  • • Must understand English
  • • Must have a valid passport with at least six months expiration date from the date of the conference
  • • Must be able to pay for the economy class airplane ticket and keep the receipt to present at the conference for reimbursement upon arrival to the conference in U.S. dollars
  • • Must complete the application process, completing the form, and communicating with the organizers of the conference via email.